Snail Bob 2

thumb2Snail Bob 2 is a math game that entails a lot of thinking. It mainly involves Snail Bob, who tries to find the easiest route through a big and dangerous forest that will make it faster for him to reach his grandfather’s birthday party. You will be immersed into the comic universe as you enjoy every bit of the game. The game is simply the best game for kids as it doesn’t have violent scenes.

The game has improved graphics that are better than its predecessor. And it is this amazing graphics that make it much more interesting and even fun to play. On top of that, it also has a colourful 3D presentation that presents the forest environment in a clear and amazing way. Your main objectives to achieve are to guide Bob from the starting point to the final destination that is the grandpa’s birthday party. Throughout the journey, you will go through a number of levels that are not the same. As they have different scenes and even the characters in the various levels are quite unique from the former. While finding the best route you will encounter a number of challenges, but you have to find the best way on how to overcome them.

Also, important is the fact the game has simple rules that are easy to follow it is for this reason that the game is quite engaging and fun while you are engrossed on the different scenes. To overcome the challenges you need to be creative so that you can finally proceed to the next level.

So, get ready and find this amazing game that can be accessed online easily. And thereafter you will be amazed by the creativity involved, the nice and colourful appearance as you follow the simple guidelines that will guide you the birthday party.

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